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Published: October 2023

Jiglu system configuration checklist

More detailed information on carrying out these tasks can be found in the Configuring Jiglu space at support.jiglu.com.

Published: April 2022

How can I import and export tags

Export tags To export tags, go to the Tags tab in a blog, monitor or space and in the sidebar choose the Export tags action.

How can I download logs from the system for external analysis?

To view activities that have taken place in a specific group, go to the group, choose the Settings section, then Advanced options and the Blog activity, Monitor activity or Space activity option as appropriate.

How can I import and export feeds?

In a monitor or space, go to the system settings and then choose the Sources category.

How do I customise the look of my Jiglu site?

Blogs and spaces may optionally have their own icon.

How do I prevent group administrators from changing certain group settings?

By default Jiglu has a large number of different settings that allow administrators of blogs, monitors and spaces to control exactly how they want their group to look and behave.

How do I have new users automatically joined to certain groups?

Next, go to the Blogs, Monitors or Spaces section and locate the group.

System administration quickstart

Setting licence key A newly installed Jiglu system will allow up to ten users and ten groups of all types (blogs, monitors and spaces).

How do I add extra information to users' profiles?

Individual collaboration spaces may also have their own member profiles.

When someone registers as a new user what approval is needed?

If the person registering used the registration form within a blog or space then the process to join them to that group will start after their user has been activated: If theApprove new members member workflow setting in the group is set toNo then they will not need approval by a group administrator.

Published: December 2021

What are the differences between the Jiglu editions?

Spaces Identical features except for group instant messaging.

How can I highlight an answer to a question in a thread?

If you have a space for questions and answers you can make it easier for readers to see which is the best answer to a question.

Published: November 2021

How can I limit the ability for people to post inappropriate language?

For blog comments in a space go to Settings then Advanced settings and then choose the Comment workflow category.

How do I customise the look of a blog or space?

Blogs and spaces may optionally have their own icon.

Published: February 2021

How can I change whether the 'Flag' button appears under contributions

Jiglu has the ability for members of blogs and spaces to report inappropriate content to moderators by selecting a Flag button under a blog comment, discussion message or knowledge entry.

How can I set a retention policy for discussion messages or instant messages?

To change this for an individual space, go to Settings, choose the Advanced settings view and then the Limits and quotas category.

Published: September 2020

How do I disable certain sections of a space?

For some spaces you may not want to give users access to all these features.

How can I have contributions moderated but only for new members?

or How do I have moderate contributions in a space from only certain members?.

How do I have moderate contributions in a space from only certain members?

To do this, in the space go to Settings and choose the Advanced settings tab.

Published: August 2019

Jiglu monitor administration quickstart

There are also spaces (for collaboration between users) and blogs (which may be better for one-to-many communication).