Information about how to configure Jiglu and groups to your needs.

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How can I help prevent bulk downloads of files from the site?

Stopping users from grabbing all the contents of a Jiglu site.

How can I download logs from the system for external analysis?

Analysing what users have been doing in an external program, such as Excel.

How can I change the home page that people see when they are not logged on?

Setting up a public home page with extra information about a Jiglu site.

How can I stop people from using the system outside office hours?

Putting restrictions on access at times when the system is not being actively monitored.

How can I view failed log on attempts?

Getting information about who has been trying to get into user accounts.

How can I see who is currently logged on

Viewing who is currently using the system.

What can I do about discussion messages being undelivered because of DKIM / DMARC failures?

Why messages from Jiglu sometimes get blocked by domains and how you can configure the system to minimise this happening.

What are the different invitations and how do I configure their text?

What invitations look like and everything you need to know to configure what goes in them.

How can I see and deactivate users that haven't logged on to the system recently?

Ensuring GDPR compliance with Jiglu's user audit and automatic workflow features.

When someone registers as a new user what approval is needed?

The rules controlling when approval is required for registering as a new user without an invitation.

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