Information about how to configure Jiglu and groups to your needs.

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Why can't I set up a feed from a local server?

Removing IP addresses from Jiglu's blacklist.

Jiglu monitor administration quickstart

Getting started with administering a new Jiglu monitor.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

What you'll need to consider when configuring a new Jiglu system.

Jiglu system assets checklist

What you'll need to gather before you configure a new Jiglu system.

When I send someone an invitation what approval is needed?

The rules controlling when approval is required for invitations to the system or groups.

How do I invite a new user to join multiple groups?

Preselecting groups that a user will be joined to when they are invited to register to use the system.

How do I see what invitations have been sent?

Seeing the current status of invitations that have been sent.

How can I change who gets the system administrator newsletter?

Sending the system administrator newsletter to users with other roles.

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