Information about how to configure Jiglu and groups to your needs.

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Getting started

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How can I import and export tags

Using existing tags in a group and saving them to a CSV file.

How can I import and export feeds?

Using the standard OPML format to move feeds between systems or groups.

What are the differences between the Jiglu editions?

The differences between Jiglu for teams and Jiglu for communities.

How can I highlight an answer to a question in a thread?

Helping users find the best answers to questions.

How can I stop search engines from indexing the site?

Stopping Google and Bing indexing pages from your Jiglu site.

How can I limit the ability for people to post inappropriate language?

Limiting the use of profanity in discussion messages and blog comments.

How does Jiglu support rights under the GDPR?

Features that can help with GDPR compliance.

How can I limit who can use private feeds?

Restricting feed access to users with a specific role.

How can I change whether the 'Flag' button appears under contributions

Turning off or on the ability for group members to flag inappropriate content for attention of moderators.

How can I set a retention policy for discussion messages or instant messages?

Configuring how long instant message and discussion message threads are kept around for.