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How can I set a retention policy for discussion messages or instant messages?

There may be situations where you don't want to keep all the discussion messages or group instant messages in a space for ever, perhaps to conform with a company retention policy.

How do I ensure discussion message email replies go back to the space?

Members of a space can opt to have discussion messages also sent to them by email and to reply to those messages using their normal email client, such as Outlook.

How do I have moderate contributions in a space from only certain members?

By default, a collaboration space will allow anyone to create a new discussion message and have it instantly published.

How do I organise discussion in a space by subject area?

When you create a space, all the discussion messages are in a single discussion section.

How do I stop ordinary members from adding polls?

Normally in a space, any member can add a poll to a discussion message.

How can I highlight an answer to a question in a thread?

When viewing discussion threads or messages on index pages, a tick icon will be shown alongside the subject to let you know that the thread contains an accepted answer or a message is an answer.

Jiglu space administration quickstart

In a space, discussion messages, discussion threads, polls, knowledge entries, tags and members all use workflow.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

The user will need to have already confirmed they have access to that email address by responding to a message sent to it. ▢ Yes Go to the User workflow settings category and for the Pre-approved domains setting enter a comma-separated list of the domain names. ▢ No Go to the User workflow settings category and make sure the Pre-approved domains setting is empty.

How can I limit the ability for people to post inappropriate language?

To access these: For discussion messages in a space go to Settings then Advanced settings and then choose the Message workflow category.

How do I stop file attachments being sent with email?

By default any attachments to discussion messages will be sent on to the members of a space that selected to receive discussion messages by email.

How do I allow only certain kinds of attachments or files?

By default Jiglu allows users to contribute any kind of attachment to discussion messages, knowledge entries or blog posts or as instant message files.

How do I have new users default to the HTML editor for discussion messages and blog comments?

By default for new users Jiglu uses a simple plain text input method for users to enter discussion messages and blog comments.

System administration quickstart

This allows recipients to more easily filter messages should they wish.

How can I change whether the 'Flag' button appears under contributions

Jiglu has the ability for members of blogs and spaces to report inappropriate content to moderators by selecting a Flag button under a blog comment, discussion message or knowledge entry.

How can I have contributions moderated but only for new members?

In a space you can configure this for discussion messages, discussion threads, polls and knowledge entries by going to the appropriate workflow category for each of those types.

How do I have an administrator check attachments before they are distributed?

Normally in a collaboration space any files attached to discussion messages or knowledge entries will be automatically included when the message or entry is published.

How do I allow content to be embedded from another site?

If an attempt is made to use embedded content from an unapproved site then the relevant HTML elements will be stripped from the discussion message, knowledge entry, blog post or blog comment.

How do I stop people using external media in content?

For extra security you may want to disallow all use of external images or other media in instant messages, discussion messages, knowledge entries, blog posts or blog comments.

What can I do about discussion messages being undelivered because of DKIM / DMARC failures?

Note that this only applies to live discussion messages.

How do I disable certain sections of a space?

A discussion section with threaded, email-linked discussion messages.