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How do I allow only certain kinds of attachments or files?

After selecting Save the system will now limit attachments and files to just those media types.

How do I stop file attachments being sent with email?

Now change the Allow choice over receiving attachments setting to No and the Default for new members option also to No.

How can I help prevent bulk downloads of files from the site?

Stopping users from grabbing all the contents of a Jiglu site.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

What you'll need to consider when configuring a new Jiglu system.

System administration quickstart

Getting started with administering a new Jiglu system.

How can I limit the ability for people to post inappropriate language?

(Blog comments can not have attachments.)

How does Jiglu support rights under the GDPR?

If there are any attachments then these will be named after the type of the contribution, its simple name and the filename of the attachment.

Jiglu space administration quickstart

There is additionally the ability to restrict what attachments are allowed, requiring approval when one is contributed whose media type is not allowed.