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How can I have users automatically deactivated when email to them bounces?

This can be helpful for ensuring the security of the system so old accounts can't be accessed.

How can I help prevent bulk downloads of files from the site?

Adding to its existing strong security controls, Jiglu 12.0 has the ability to set limits on downloads.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

Do you want users to always use two-factor security when logging in?

How can I flag groups with my organisation's security access levels or other metadata?

For example, if your organisation has different security access levels for different kinds of information you may want to have this shown on groups so administrators are less likely to make mistakes when granting access.

How can I see and deactivate users that haven't logged in to the system recently?

Jiglu offers several approaches to help you with such a security audit.

System administration quickstart

User security, defaults and limits - default preferences and restrictions applied to users.

How can I turn on or off two-factor authentication?

You can change whether two-factor authentication is enabled by going to System settings and choosing the Security option.

How do I allow content to be embedded from another site?

In order to reduce the security risks, Jiglu only allows content such as videos to be embedded from whitelisted sites.

How do I stop people using external media in content?

For extra security you may want to disallow all use of external images or other media in instant messages, discussion messages, knowledge entries, blog posts or blog comments.

How do I customise the look of my Jiglu site?

The system will allow you to enter standard CSS 3 stylesheet definitions, but note that it will remove any that do not validate or could be a potential security risk.