How do I allow content to be embedded from another site?

In order to reduce the security risks, Jiglu only allows content such as videos to be embedded from whitelisted sites. If an attempt is made to use embedded content from an unapproved site then the relevant HTML elements will be stripped from the discussion message, knowledge entry, blog post or blog comment. Jiglu comes with several standard embedded sites, such as YouTube and Google Calendar, but it is straightforward to add new one.

Go to System settings, choose the Embedded sites option and then select the New button. At its simplest you will need to supply the name of the embedded site, the host name on which it operates and a regular expression pattern for a valid URL on the site.

Take a look at the embedded sites that come with Jiglu to see examples of what is required and view the help pages for more information about the advanced options that can convert a page URL into an embedded URL.

Users can add embedded content by selecting the embedded site icon (which looks like a movie frame) in the HTML editor.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .