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How do I add a standard footer to all emails from the system?

Go to System settings and choose the Email processing option.

How do I ensure discussion message email replies go back to the space?

Members of a space can opt to have discussion messages also sent to them by email and to reply to those messages using their normal email client, such as Outlook.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

Do you want to allow users who register from certain email domains to have their account automatically approved?

Jiglu space administration quickstart

Members- what emails they get and what to capture in their profiles.

Jiglu blog administration quickstart

Newsletters- email newsletters that members can subscribe to keep them updated.

How can I have users automatically deactivated when email to them bounces?

Each time Jiglu receives a non-delivery notification when trying to send email to a user it adds to a score.

Jiglu monitor administration quickstart

Getting started with administering a new Jiglu monitor.

Jiglu system assets checklist

Email footer – this will appear at the bottom of every email sent by the system.

How do I invite a new user to join multiple groups?

If there is somebody who you want to join the system and be joined to multiple groups when they register then you can do so by going to the user index and choosing the Invite users by email address option.

How do I get notified when a member leaves a group?

With this option an email will be sent to the system administrators whenever a member leaves.

How do I stop file attachments being sent with email?

By default any attachments to discussion messages will be sent on to the members of a space that selected to receive discussion messages by email.

How do I allow users to reset their own password by email?

If you are not using LDAP external authentication then you can allow users to request an email to be sent to them with a link to a page that allows them to set a new password.

When someone registers as a new user what approval is needed?

If the email address they registered with ends in one of the domains in thePre-approved domains user workflow setting then they will not need approval by a user administrator.

When I send someone an invitation what approval is needed?

If the email address they registered with ends in one of the domains in the Pre-approved domains user workflow setting then they will not need approval by a user administrator.

How do I prevent group administrators from changing certain group settings?

For example, you might not want to allow them to change the text of email notifications.

System administration quickstart

This will appear in emails from the system and on some web page elements.

What can I do about discussion messages being undelivered because of DKIM / DMARC failures?

Both the email coming in and the email going out to all the members might have a From: header like: From: John Smith <(Address removed)> Unfortunately though, spammers, phishers and other senders of fraudulent email have increasingly abused the feature that allows any mail server to send out an email on behalf of someone else.

How can I change who gets the system administrator newsletter?

Jiglu has an email newsletter for administrators that covers important changes in the system such as new users, new groups, changes to system permissions and changes to system settings.

How do I manage discussion threads when people have gone off-topic or started a new thread on the same subject?

When discussions are taking place, especially over email, a conversation can easily go off into different topics and users may also send in messages on a topic that is better fitting into an existing thread.

What is the difference between adding and inviting new members to a group?

The Invite button lets you invite people to join by specifying their email addresses.