How do I manage discussion threads when people have gone off-topic or started a new thread on the same subject?

When discussions are taking place, especially over email, a conversation can easily go off into different topics and users may also send in messages on a topic that is better fitting into an existing thread.

If you are a group moderator or administrator in a space then you can easily deal with these situations:

  • To split off a message and all its replies into a different thread, select the Split thread button underneath the message. After entering the name of the new thread it will be created. When viewing the message context you will still be able to see that the root message of the new thread was originally a response to another message.
  • To merge two threads, on the thread index page select the dropdown menu next to the name of the first thread and choose the Mark for merging option. Now find the second thread, select the dropdown menu next to its name and choose the Merge threads option. A menu will appear where you can choose which of the threads you wish to keep. Once you have chosen the two threads will be merged.

If you split a thread and later merge it back, it will be returned to the same place in the thread that it was split from.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Merging and splitting discussion threads.