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How do I authenticate users with an LDAP directory?

At a minimum you will need the following information to use the LDAP server: The URL of the LDAP server, such as ldap://host.name:389.

How do I allow users to reset their own password by email?

If you are not using LDAP external authentication then you can allow users to request an email to be sent to them with a link to a page that allows them to set a new password.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

When a user logs on their password will be checked at an LDAP directory instead of using Jiglu’s own authentication system. ▢ Yes Go to the LDAP directory settings category, change the LDAP directory setting to Optional or Mandatory and enter the directory access details. ▢ No Go to the LDAP directory settings category and change the LDAP directory setting to Off.

System administration quickstart

New user creation There are four main scenarios for user creation in Jiglu: The system is connected to an external directory, such as Microsoft Exchange or another LDAP server.