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How can I make new users wait before they can contribute?

On the User limits settings category change the New user action delay setting to the number of hours before they are allowed to contribute.

System administration quickstart

Tasks to approve new users will appear in My tasks for those users with permission to activate users.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

However, if the new user was invited to join by a user with permission to approve users then this check will be skipped. ▢ Yes Go to the User workflow settings category and change the Approve new users setting to Yes. ▢ No Go to the User workflow settings category and change the Approve new users setting to No.

How do I have new users automatically joined to certain groups?

Note that when a group is chosen as a new user default then any member workflow settings, such as having new members approved, will be ignored when the new user is made a member.

How do I allow users to invite other users to join?

Only allow new users to register when they have been sent an invitation by a user to join a particular group.

How do I invite a new user to join multiple groups?

For information about allowing invitations, see How do I allow users to invite other users to join?

When someone registers as a new user what approval is needed?

If theApprove new users user workflow setting is set toNo then they will not need approval by a user administrator.

How can I change who gets the system administrator newsletter?

Jiglu has an email newsletter for administrators that covers important changes in the system such as new users, new groups, changes to system permissions and changes to system settings.

How do I new users approved by an administrator but skip the approval for certain domains?

Using the user workflow settings it is possible to have new user registrations subject to approval by an administrator.

Jiglu system assets checklist

Text of message that will be sent to a new user when they have successfully registered and been approved to use the system.

How do I add extra information to users' profiles?

You can make a heading mandatory, requiring new users to enter a value when their account is created or when they update their profile.

What are the different invitations and how do I configure their text?

This invitation will be sent if you go to Members -> Invite new members by email address and use an address of an existing user, Members -> Add new members from the user index or from a group home page choose the Invite someone to join option from the Membership section and use an address of an existing user.

How do I customise the look of a blog or space?

For example, in a space you might want to include a section that lists knowledge entries with a particular tag, perhaps identifying those entries that are the most useful to new users, or add a section that gives extra information to non-members about how they can qualify to join the group.