How do I allow users to invite other users to join?

Particularly when Jiglu is used as a collaboration system between different organisations it may be useful to allow users to invite others to join in. There are two ways that you can enable invitations:

  1. Allow anyone to register to use the system whether they have been sent an invitation to join a particular group or not.
  2. Only allow new users to register when they have been sent an invitation by a user to join a particular group.

New users may optionally always require approval by an administrator or can be set to require approval if they are not from a list of pre-approved domains.

To enable either of these options go to System settings, choose the Permissions option and then the User resource type. You then need to add a new permission according to which option you want:

  1. To allow anyone to register select the Guest user - Add checkbox.
  2. To allow only people with invites to register select the Registered user - Add checkbox.

Now select the Save button.

Members of a group with permission to invite new members may now send out invitations to people inviting them to join. Group administrators will always have permission to do this. For other members it depends on whether the group has been set to allow anyone to join in its Access and membership or Resource permissions: Member permissions.