How can I change who gets the system administrator newsletter?

Jiglu has an email newsletter for administrators that covers important changes in the system such as new users, new groups, changes to system permissions and changes to system settings.

By default the newsletter is sent out to everyone that has the System administrator role. However, if you want this to be available to other users then you can instead have it sent to a different role. Go to the System settings page and choose the Newsletters option. There you can choose the role that the newsletter should go to.

If no suitable role exists already then first choose the Roles option on the System settings page and add a new system role before making the above change. From the user index you can then edit the users you want to have that role.

The Newsletters settings page also lets you choose how often the newsletter is sent out and at what time of the day.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Sending the system administrator newsletter to users with other roles.