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How do I set up newsletters?

In a blog, monitor or space you can set up email newsletters to keep members up-to-date with what is happening.

How do I new users approved by an administrator but skip the approval for certain domains?

However, it's possible that for users with certain email domains you're happy for anyone to register and would prefer not to have the extra work in approving them.

How can I see and deactivate users that haven't logged in to the system recently?

You can also have accounts automatically deactivated when email to them cannot be successfully delivered, see How can I have users automatically deactivated when email to them bounces?

How can I temporarily suspend a group member from contributing?

They will then be sent an email with the reason and when they are allowed to contribute to the group again.

How do I disable certain sections of a space?

A discussion section with threaded, email-linked discussion messages.

How does Jiglu support rights under the GDPR?

Once the process you will receive an email with the URL where the archive can be downloaded, which can be shared with the user concerned.

How do I organise discussion in a space by subject area?

Disadvantages Members have to remember which area to use and especially if using email may send to the wrong one.

How do I allow only certain kinds of attachments or files?

It can be supplied by a browser or in an email, but if this is not available it may make an initial guess based on the file extension.

How do I have new users automatically joined to certain groups?

The user will also not receive an email notification welcoming them to the group, to avoid them being inundated with email from all the groups the have been automatically joined to.

What are the different invitations and how do I configure their text?

Beneath this can be a footer added to all emails from the system.

How can I set up a password policy?

Users will also be barred from using a password if it contains parts of their name, email address account, the system name or the system hostname.

How do I customise the look of my Jiglu site?

System naming You will want to give your system a name, a short identifier to be used in emails and a description to be used in feeds and on any public home page.