How do I set up newsletters?

In a blog, monitor or space you can set up email newsletters to keep members up-to-date with what is happening.

There can be multiple newsletters, with different schedules - daily, weekly or monthly - or targeting different roles - ordinary members or just administrators. New members can be automatically subscribed to certain newsletters and - if the system has been configured to allow this - subscription can also be mandatory. A default newsletter is created when you create a new blog, monitor or space.

To add a newsletter or edit an existing one, in the group go to Settings and then choose the Newsletters option. To add a new newsletter select the New button. To edit an existing one select its name. You can then change the schedule and other properties of the newsletter and configure the newsletter sections as you require:

  • To add a new section, select the New section button, choose the type of section that you want and enter the appropriate details in the dialog. When you select the Save button it will be added to the form in the location you chose.
  • To change the details for an existing section, select its name and then make the changes required. For section types that are lists of information you can choose what level of detail you want and - depending on the section type - may be able to filter the results in some way.
  • To move a section to a different column or position within a column, drag it by its handle to where you now wish it shown on the page.
  • The remove a section, drag it to the trash can.

Once you have finished select the Save button on the form to have the changes stored.

Note that you may not be able to access the newsletter settings category if this has been restricted by a system administrator.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .