How can I temporarily suspend a group member from contributing?

Sometimes members of a group may need a time out when things have got a bit too heated. You can enforce this with temporary suspensions to allow the people involved to cool down.

On the member’s profile page, you will find a new Suspend Selecting this opens a dialog where you can enter how many days you wish to suspend them for and the reason. They will then be sent an email with the reason and when they are allowed to contribute to the group again. This information will also be shown on an alert when the member visits the group’s home page and to group administrators visiting the member’s profile page.

Suspended members will be able to continue to read but not contribute any content or change their profiles. They will still be able to leave the group or change their group preferences. If they leave and re-join the group then they will remain suspended.

The suspension will be revoked at 9am in the groups’ local time zone on the chosen day. It can also be manually removed by an administrator by selecting the Unsuspend button on the member’s profile page.

You can search for suspended members using a new filter on the member index page.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Enforcing a time out on group members when things get too heated.