How do I disable certain sections of a space?

By default a space comes with four different kinds of content:

For some spaces you may not want to give users access to all these features. For example, you might want to just have discussion messages in a space used only for announcements, or you might decide you don't want instant messages when members are mostly working in email discussions.

To change what is available, go to the space and then the Settings section. Now choose the Access and membership settings category. In the Access to sections part of the form you can choose which of the sections above you want to allow.

You can also configure more advanced permissions if you want to restrict access by role. From the Settings section choose the Advance settings tab and then the Resource permissions option. Here you will see all the types of resource that can exist within a space. If, for example, you want to disable the Talk section then select the Instant message resource type. You will now see the different roles that exist in the group and what operations they are allowed to carry out. To disable the section remove the View permission from Group member and select the Save button.

Note that if you previously carried out secondary authentication (your name at the top will be in red if this is the case) then you will continue to see the tab in the navigation bar as by doing so you will have granted yourself access to everything.

You can disable the Discovery section by removing the view permission for a tag. However, this is not recommended as there may remain links to tags elsewhere that a member of the space then cannot view.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Removing navigation bar options that you don't need in a space.