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How can I view failed login attempts?

Go to the Users section and choose the View the activity log for users action from the sidebar on the left.

How can I download logs from the system for external analysis?

The file will contain the following columns: Activity date Family name Given name Username Resource type Event type Resource name The activities in the file will match what you have currently selected in the activity log search form.

How can I help prevent bulk downloads of files from the site?

If you wish to log each download you can change the Log downloads option to Yes.

How do I view what activities a particular user has been carrying out?

To view activities for a particular user that have taken place in a specific group, go to the group, choose the Settings section, then Advanced options and the Blog activity, Monitor activity or Space activity option.

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By default, when a user visits a Jiglu site without having logged in they will be presented with a log in form.

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