How can I download logs from the system for external analysis?

Jiglu keeps a log of everything that each user has done in the system. By default activities are held for 180 days, but this can be changed in the system settings if required.

To view activities that have taken place outside a group, go to System settings and then choose the System activity option at the bottom of the page. To view activities that have taken place in a specific group, go to the group, choose the Settings section, then Advanced options and the Blog activity, Monitor activity or Space activity option as appropriate. You can now use the search form to limit results to those that interest you, such as from a particular user, a particular type of resource (for example, to see every knowledge entry change) or a particular activity (for example, to see who logged on).

If you want to download this information to make its analysis easier, choose the Export log action from the sidebar.

The file will contain the following columns:

  • Activity date
  • Family name
  • Given name
  • Username
  • Resource type
  • Event type
  • Resource name

The activities in the file will match what you have currently selected in the activity log search form.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Analysing what users have been doing in an external program, such as Excel.