How do I view what activities a particular user has been carrying out?

Jiglu keeps a log of everything that each user has done in the system. By default activities are held for 180 days, but this can be changed in the system settings if required.

To view activities for a particular user that have taken place outside a group, go to System settings and then choose the System activity option at the bottom of the page. Start typing the name of the user in the User field in the search form on the left and then select the required user when their name appears underneath. Now press the Search button and you will be shown their activities. If necessary you can refine the search by resource type, what type of action they carried out and date.

To view activities for a particular user that have taken place in a specific group, go to the group, choose the Settings section, then Advanced options and the Blog activity, Monitor activity or Space activity option. You can now use the search form in the same way as described above.

You will also find shortcuts to view the activity for particular resource types on their index pages. For example, on the knowledge index page choose the View the activity for knowledge entries option in theActions section on the left to view all the recent activities that have taken place on knowledge entries in the space.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .