How do I have an administrator check attachments before they are distributed?

Normally in a collaboration space any files attached to discussion messages or knowledge entries will be automatically included when the message or entry is published. However, there may be cases where you instead want an administrator to check files first before they go out to everyone.

To do this, in the space go to Settings, choose the Advanced settings tab and then Discussion attachment filtering or Knowledge attachment filtering. These forms contain two lists:

  • Media types that you always want to filter out, including wildcards
  • Media types that you always want to allow, including wildcards, even if they are in the above list.

For example, if you only want to allow GIF, JPEG and PNG images:

  • In the first list scroll down to the bottom of the list and select all the checkboxes under the Wildcards section.
  • In the second list scroll down to the Images section and select the checkboxes next to the GIF image, JPEG image and PNG image media types.

You should then make sure the Action to take when a media type is not allowed setting is set to Moderate and select the Save button. (If you set this to Reject then the message or entry would instead be returned to the author.)

Now if a member submits a message or entry that does not meet the allowed media types then the administrators and moderators of the space will have a task created in My tasks which allows them to approve or reject the contribution.

For instant messages in the Talk section there is a similar settings category called File filtering. Because instant messages are not subject to workflow (which would be silly) instead the settings control what can be uploaded and whether files can be distributed in this way at all.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .