What are the differences between the Jiglu editions?

Jiglu now comes in two editions:

  • Jiglu for teams is the full enterprise suite with everything that teams need for internal or cross-organisational collaboration and communication.
  • Jiglu for communities focusses on the features needed for effective engagement with customers or other stakeholders residing outside the organisation.

These are the differences between the two:

 Jiglu for teamsJiglu for communities
RadarEverything from Jiglu groups brought together on a single page, with a live activity stream updating you on new content.A static overview of all the groups that you are a member of with live alerts for new notifications and tasks.
MonitorBring in content from outside feeds, from scraping websites or through an API. Mining of content with Jiglu Dynamic Discovery and content analytics to understand trends. Widget to connect external services, such as existing intranets, with Jiglu.Not included.
Status updatesPersonal status updates on Jiglu's Radar, similar to a secure, enterprise Twitter.Not included.
Group instant messagingLive instant messaging and file sharing for rapid communication within a team.Not included.
BlogsIdentical features.
SpacesIdentical features except for group instant messaging.

Note that Jiglu for communities customers can still licence Jiglu for teams features at an additional cost.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
The differences between Jiglu for teams and Jiglu for communities.