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Published: April 2022

How do I have new users automatically joined to certain groups?

Note that when a group is chosen as a new user default then any member workflow settings, such as having new members approved, will be ignored when the new user is made a member.

System administration quickstart

Group defaults - what settings are available for groups and their defaults.

Published: September 2020

How can I temporarily suspend a group member from contributing?

This information will also be shown on an alert when the member visits the group’s home page and to group administrators visiting the member’s profile page.

How do I disable certain sections of a space?

To disable the section remove the View permission from Group member and select the Save button.

How do I have moderate contributions in a space from only certain members?

In the Roles that don't require moderation setting uncheck the Group member option.

Published: August 2019

Jiglu monitor administration quickstart

Monitors are just one kind of group in Jiglu.

Published: October 2018

Jiglu blog administration quickstart

This can be accomplished by configuring the workflows to require approval of someone with a Group member role but not a Group unmoderated member role and then assigning the Group unmoderated member role to those people you trust.

Published: September 2018

How do I moderate comments from only certain members of my blog?

Ensure that Group member and Group unmoderated member both have the Add permission checked and then select the Save button.

Published: July 2018

Jiglu space administration quickstart

For example, you shouldn’t stop the group administrators from editing the space or group members from being able to view tags.

Published: September 2017

How do I allow members to edit knowledge entries but have their changes checked by a moderator first?

Ensure that Group member and Group unmoderated member both have the Add and Edit permissions checked and then select the Save button.

How do I stop ordinary members from adding polls?

For Group member uncheck the Add permission.

How do I allow users to invite other users to join?

Members of a group with permission to invite new members may now send out invitations to people inviting them to join.