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What is the difference between a group, space, blog and monitor?

Spaces, blogs and monitors are all types of a group.

Why is a blog, monitor or space that I am a member of not shown in the index?

If you select Blogs, Monitors or Spaces from the navigation bar then you will be able to see a list of groups of those types.

Why do some blogs or spaces have different home pages?

Administrators of blogs and spaces have the option to change their home pages to include the sections they want in the arrangement they want.

Jiglu spaces quickstart

Joining a space There are two main ways you can join a space: You can find public spaces in the directory of spaces and then ask to join.

Jiglu blogs quickstart

Help on using these can be found in the Using Jiglu support space.

Jiglu system quickstart

More information about spaces can be found in the Jiglu Spaces Quickstart.

Jiglu Radar quickstart

Alongside each space you will see a count of how many unread messages there are since the start of the session or when you last viewed talk in that space using the radar.

What is a contribution?

These are currently: Blog posts (blogs) Blog comments (blogs) Instant messages (spaces) Discussion messages (spaces) Knowledge entries (spaces) Source items (monitors and spaces) Status updates (users) The group type is shown above after the contribution type.

How do I send a message by email to a space?

To start a new thread, send it in to the email address of the space.

How can I change the delivery format I get messages in?

If you are a member of a space then you can choose what format you wish to receive discussion message email in.

Tagging quickstart

Introduction Underpinning all Jiglu’s different groups – spaces, blogs, monitors and users’ status updates – is the Jiglu Dynamic Discovery tagging engine.

How do I leave a group?

If you want to leave a blog, monitor or space you can either follow the link in the Membership section on its home page or select the user menu at the top right of each page and choose the Leave blog, Leave monitor or Leave space option.

How can I merge two knowledge entries

This doesn't have to be in the same space either - you can use it to easily move content across spaces while keeping a link back to where the information originally came from.

What is the difference between a discussion message and a knowledge entry?

Discussion messages can be read and written on the website but are also sent by email to members of a space who have requested this.

How do I upload files in bulk?

This can be especially useful for quickly seeding a new collaboration space with documents that already exist.

How do I transfer something useful that someone wrote in a message to a knowledge entry?

Ensure the Transfer to a new knowledge entry in this space option is selected and click the Continue button.

How do I search in a group?

Note that this only applies to blogs and spaces.

How do I upload a photo to use for my profile and Radar activities?

The photo will be automatically sized and cropped to fit the available space where it is used.

What are tasks?

For an ordinary user that is not an administrator or moderator of a group these could be: A request to make changes to a discussion message or knowledge entry that they have submitted to a space because it doesn't meet approval.

How do I change my email address?

If you sometimes need to send discussion messages into a space from a different email address, then you can instead add that address as an alternative on the same User basics preferences page.