Information about how to use Jiglu.

This space was created on 4 December 2017.



Getting started

New knowledge entries

How can I easily track a topic which can use several names

Using topic areas to group related tags under a single concept.

How can I compare different versions of a blog post or knowledge entry?

Seeing what has changed between versions of a blog post or knowledge entry.

How can I get an RSS or Atom feed from a private group?

How to set up a separate password for use with feeds.

Why is there a red warning icon next to the sender of a discussion message?

How to see when a message failed DKIM verification and may not be from who it said it was.

How can I report inappropriate content to a moderator?

Bringing unsuitable blog comments, discussion message or knowledge entries to a moderator's attention.

How can I change the delivery format I get messages in?

How to change what mail format discussion messages from spaces arrive in.

How can I merge two knowledge entries

How to incorporate the content of one knowledge entry in another.

Why have I been sent a warning that my account will be deactivated?

Jiglu's automatic deactivation of unused user accounts.

Why can't I upload an attachment?

Reasons why you might not be able to add an attachment to a contribution.

Why has the attachment I uploaded had its extension changed?

Jiglu's automatic file sniffing to correct attachment content types and extensions.