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Why have I been sent a warning that my account will be deactivated?

Jiglu's automatic deactivation of unused user accounts.

Why can't I upload an attachment?

Reasons why you might not be able to add an attachment to a contribution.

Why has the attachment I uploaded had its extension changed?

Jiglu's automatic file sniffing to correct attachment content types and extensions.

How do I use emoji?

Entering emoji in instant messages and status updates. 😊

What are mentions and how do I use them?

Bringing other users into discussions or referencing them using @username mentions.

How do I leave a group?

Resigning membership of a blog, monitor or space.

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

Adding extra security to your account using Google Authenticator.

Jiglu monitors Quickstart

The Jiglu monitors quickstart is coming soon.

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