How can I merge two knowledge entries

If there are two knowledge entries about the same topic then you can merge them into a single entry.

First, view the entry that you want to merge from and select the Transfer button under it. From the pop-up menu now choose 'Incorporate in an existing knowledge entry in this space' and select the Continue button.

You now need to search for the entry that you want to merge into. Another pop-up menu will appear, showing the ten most-recent knowledge entries in the space. Start typing in the search box and it will instead show you matches for what you type. When the entry you want appears click on its name.

You will now be taken to the knowledge entry editor. The entry text will now contain first the original text of the entry and then the text of the entry you merged from. The list of attachments will show those of both the original entry and the entry you merged from. Note that manual tags in the entry you are merging from will not be copied across.

Once you have published the new version, viewing it will show a link back to the entry that was merged in. If you no longer want that entry then you can delete it.

You can also use incorporation feature to merge any other type of contribution into a knowledge entry - blog post, blog comment, discussion message, instant message or status update. This doesn't have to be in the same space either - you can use it to easily move content across spaces while keeping a link back to where the information originally came from.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
How to incorporate the content of one knowledge entry in another.