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Why can't I upload an attachment?

The attachment filename contained invalid characters.

Why has the attachment I uploaded had its extension changed?

When you upload an attachment the system automatically examines the file to see what content type it is and uses this in preference to any information that was sent by the browser.

How do I upload files in bulk?

The original file will also be added as an attachment.

Jiglu spaces quickstart

Any attachments to the message.

Jiglu blogs quickstart

Attachments shows you every attachment added to a blog post.

Tagging quickstart

For example, a knowledge entry with an attachment could be manually assigned tags, have tags taken from the attachment metadata and also have tags assigned automatically because of their presence in the text of the entry or the attachment.

How do I use an image in the content of a blog post or knowledge entry

Wait for the image to upload - once ready its details will be listed in the Attached files section.

How can I compare different versions of a blog post or knowledge entry?

The attachments that were removed and the attachments that were added.

Jiglu Radar quickstart

The larger grey icon on the left will show you what kind of activity it is and underneath you’ll find details of attachments, tags and which group the activity was from.

What is the difference between viewing in the Radar and visiting a group?

Here you can view indexes of all the content that has been published and in the Discovery section use additional indexes to locate information within contributions, such as attachments, tags or links.

How can I merge two knowledge entries

The list of attachments will show those of both the original entry and the entry you merged from.

How can I change the delivery format I get messages in?

From this page you can also choose how you want to receive email from each space - if you want to receive email at all - and whether you want attachments to be sent to you.