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Why have I been sent a warning that my account will be deactivated?

Before this happens users will first be sent a warning message telling them to log in if they still want to be able to use the system in the future.

Jiglu system quickstart

Users The users section is where you’ll find an index of all the users in the system and their personal profiles.

Jiglu spaces quickstart

Introduction Spaces are where Jiglu users collaborate with each other.

Jiglu blogs quickstart

You can add notes to each version, so other users know what changes were made.

Jiglu Radar quickstart

From the user menu select My preferences and then choose the Photo option.

Tagging quickstart

For example, ‘Users’ might pick up too many matches but could still be useful for directing people to specific knowledge entries about users.

What are mentions and how do I use them?

A user’s username is also shown on their profile.

What are tasks?

Tasks are activities that a user needs to carry out, usually because of their involvement in a group.

How can I change my username?

At present it is not possible for users (or administrators) to change the usernames of users in Jiglu.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, select the drop-down menu button at the top right of the page, choose the My preferences option and then the User basics page.

What is workflow?

Content that users contribute has the most sophisticated workflow.

How do I leave a group?

If you want to leave a blog, monitor or space you can either follow the link in the Membership section on its home page or select the user menu at the top right of each page and choose the Leave blog, Leave monitor or Leave space option.

What is the difference between an instant message and a discussion message?

Instant messages appear on the talk page for a group - and in every browser that has that page open - as soon as the user enters a message and presses return.

What is a contribution?

These are currently: Blog posts (blogs) Blog comments (blogs) Instant messages (spaces) Discussion messages (spaces) Knowledge entries (spaces) Source items (monitors and spaces) Status updates (users) The group type is shown above after the contribution type.

Why do some blogs or spaces have different home pages?

The sections shown may also depend on what permissions the user viewing the page has and some groups may opt to hide certain types of content.

What is the difference between viewing in the Radar and visiting a group?

Group pages: the individual pages of contributions and index pages that help users locate information of interest in a particular group.

In my Radar activity stream how do I only show the groups I am most interested in?

Choose the My user profile option and then the Group membership view.

What is the difference between a group, space, blog and monitor?

A user's status updates are also part of a special group that is created behind-the-scenes when they write their first update.

Why can't I change my password?

For most users this will be through Windows.