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How do I use emoji?

Entering emoji in instant messages and status updates. 😊

What is the difference between a group, space, blog and monitor?

The differences between the different kinds of groups in Jiglu.

Jiglu Radar quickstart

Getting started with using the Jiglu Radar.

Status updates quickstart

The status updates quickstart is coming soon.

Jiglu system quickstart

Getting started with using the Jiglu system.

Tagging quickstart

How to work with tagging in all the different kinds of Jiglu groups.

What is a contribution?

The different kinds of content that Jiglu has.

How do I view my favourites?

Seeing contributions that are useful or interesting to you.

How do I mark a contribution as a favourite?

Keeping track of content you like.

How can I merge two knowledge entries

How to incorporate the content of one knowledge entry in another.