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How can I choose what email I get from groups that I am a member of?

Discussion email controls which groups you get email discussion messages from.

How do I send a message by email to a space?

To start a new thread, send it in to the email address of the space.

How can I change the delivery format I get messages in?

From this page you can also choose how you want to receive email from each space - if you want to receive email at all - and whether you want attachments to be sent to you.

Jiglu spaces quickstart

No email – to not receive any email, so you will instead need to visit the website or keep updated with a newsletter.

Jiglu blogs quickstart

You will receive an email welcoming you to the blog once this is done.

Jiglu system quickstart

Email In Email addresses you can change your email address (if allowed) and any other addresses that you want to post from.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, select the drop-down menu button at the top right of the page, choose the My preferences option and then the User basics page.

What is the difference between a discussion message and a knowledge entry?

They can reply to a message in email and it will appear back on the Jiglu website.

What is the difference between an instant message and a discussion message?

Discussion messages are also sent out by email to those members of the group who want email.

Why is there a red warning icon next to the sender of a discussion message?

In order to ensure that email sent in as discussion messages is from who it says it is from, Jiglu checks it for a DKIM signature.

Why can't I upload an attachment?

Note that if a discussion message is sent by email then any characters in the filename that are invalid will be replaced by dashes.

What is the difference between a group, space, blog and monitor?

They can use instant messaging, email discussion messages and share knowledge entries, as well as view news feeds that the space is subscribed to.

What are browser notifications?

Browser notifications are a way that the Jiglu can inform you of new tasks and new responses or updates to contributions you have made through notifications in your browser rather than email.

Why does the Radar show my entries with an icon from my organisation's web site?

If you have not uploaded a photo then when your account is created your icon will be taken from the web site that matches your email address.

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This could be because of an alternative spelling (e.g ‘email’ and ‘e-mail’), regional differences (e.g.

Why have I been sent a warning that my account will be deactivated?

If they do not do so before the date specified in the email then their account will be deactivated.

What are alerts?

If you are subscribed to a daily email newsletter from the system then new matching content will be listed in the newsletter.