What is the difference between a discussion message and a knowledge entry?

Discussion message and knowledge entries can look very similar in their content but they also have some big differences.

  • Discussion messages are meant more for conversational, shorter-term information. Knowledge entries are meant more for long-term capturing and sharing of useful knowledge.
  • Discussion messages can be read and written on the website but are also sent by email to members of a space who have requested this. They can reply to a message in email and it will appear back on the Jiglu website.
  • Discussion messages are tied together in threads. Knowledge entries always stand on their own.
  • Knowledge entries can use wiki links, letting you quickly link to other knowledge entries by using their name in double square quotes. While you can use wiki links in discussion messages they can only refer to knowledge entries.
  • Discussion messages have workflow focussed on ensuring that messages which have arrived from email are suitable for inclusion. Knowledge entries have workflow focussed on getting approval from people that an entry is of sufficient quality and ensuring it remains so in the future.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
The main differences between discussion messages and knowledge entries.