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How can I change the delivery format I get messages in?

How to change what mail format discussion messages from spaces arrive in.

Why does the Radar show my entries with an icon from my organisation's web site?

The icon that is used when you haven't yet uploaded a photo.

What are browser notifications?

About browser notifications and how to turn them on or off.

Jiglu system quickstart

Getting started with using the Jiglu system.

How do I upload a photo to use for my profile and Radar activities?

Uploading a photo.

How do I change my email address?

Changing your email address or adding an alternative.

Jiglu Radar quickstart

Getting started with using the Jiglu Radar.

How can I get an RSS or Atom feed from a private group?

How to set up a separate password for use with feeds.

How can I choose what email I get from groups that I am a member of?

Controlling the email that you receive.