What are browser notifications?

Browser notifications are a way that the Jiglu can inform you of new tasks and new responses or updates to contributions you have made through notifications in your browser rather than email.

Some browsers will show these web notifications in the system's notification centre, for example Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 or Chrome in Android. Others use their own notification system, for example Firefox in Windows. They are not supported in older browsers, for example Internet Explorer 11 or earlier.

You will only get browser notifications if you leave the Jiglu Radar page open in your browser. The first time you view the page you will be asked by your browser whether or not you wish to receive these notifications. You can later turn them on or off through the browser preferences.

You can also decide what notifications to get from the Notifications page in My preferences.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
About browser notifications and how to turn them on or off.