How can I compare different versions of a blog post or knowledge entry?

Blog posts and knowledge entries have versions. Each time you make a change a new version will be created so you can go back to an earlier one if needed.

If you want to what has changed between two different versions then first show the version history for the post or entry. You can do this by selecting the Version history button under it. Next, select the Compare button alongside the version you want to compare against. A sub-window will appear on the page showing the differences, with that version on the left and the current version on the right.

The information you will see depends on what has changed, but will include:

  • The version numbers and any version notes.
  • The subjects.
  • The descriptions.
  • The paragraphs that have changed between the versions. Text that has been deleted will be shown with a line through it and text that has been added will be highlighted in yellow. Note that only text changes are shown and you will not see changes in style or formatting.
  • The attachments that were removed and the attachments that were added. If an attachment had the same filename but its content changed then it will appear in both columns.
  • Tags that were removed and tags that were added.
Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Seeing what has changed between versions of a blog post or knowledge entry.