How can I easily track a topic which can use several names

Jiglu's automatic tagging will let you easily find what's available on a particular topic when the tag name exists in the content. However, there may be times when you are interested in a broader concept that encompasses several different topics. For example, you might be interested in Social Media Services, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Tik-Tok or Instagram. You can handle this in Jiglu using topic areas.

  1. First, create your new tag for the parent concept. In the Type of tag field, select the checkbox next to Topic area.
  2. Associate your tag with the other child tags that you want to include in this concept. In the Associated tags field find the tags you want in the tag selector and click the checkbox next to their name. The tag will now appear in the box underneath.
  3. Save your tag.

Now every time that something gets tagged with the child tag, it will also be tagged with the parent tag of the topic area type. You can then create an alert for parent tag or use it with Insight analytics to find out more about content that uses it.

There may be other tags that you haven't thought of which you also want to include in the parent tag. If you edit a tag then the system will give you suggestions of related tags based on them commonly appearing in the same content.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Using topic areas to group related tags under a single concept.