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How do I add some text information to a blog or space home page?

First, in the group go to Settings and choose the Home page option.

How can I show profile information from certain members on the space home page?

The next step is to add the new section to the home page.

How can I change the home page that people see when they are not logged in?

You may want to open a new incognito / private window and navigate to the home page to see what it looks like when you are not logged in.

Jiglu monitor administration quickstart

From your Radar home page, choose the Monitors tab and then select the New button.

Jiglu space administration quickstart

Home page- any special information to highlight to members on the space’s home page.

Jiglu blog administration quickstart

Home page- any special information to highlight to readers on the blog’s home page.

Jiglu system assets checklist

Up to four images for the public home page.

System administration quickstart

If instead you want to give them information about the system you can do so by going to the Public home page settings page.

Jiglu system configuration checklist

This will mean users will see an ‘Invite someone to join’ option on the home page of a group. ▢ Yes Go to the Permissions settings category and select the User option.

How do I add an RSS feed in a collaboration space?

Many sites have automatic discovery of feeds on their home pages, so entering the home page URL will often find the feed required and update the field on the form to its URL.

How can I temporarily suspend a group member from contributing?

This information will also be shown on an alert when the member visits the group’s home page and to group administrators visiting the member’s profile page.

How do I customise the look of my Jiglu site?

Public home page By default, a user that is not logged in that enters the URL of the site will be redirected to the logon page.

How do I customise the look of a blog or space?

Home page Every blog and space gets a default home page when it is created.