How can I show profile information from certain members on the space home page?

First, you will need to understand how to configure profile headings. These will let you choose what information is stored for members' profiles.

Next, you will need a multiple choice profile heading that can be used to select the required members to include. For example, you might create a profile heading with the name Senior staff and values of Yes or No. In this case when creating the profile heading you will probably also want to select the Administrators only option so only administrators can change this value.

Now you will need to edit the profiles of those users that are senior staff to set the value for them. You can search for the appropriate members in the member directory and then choose Edit profile from the drop-down menu next to their name. After making changes to their profile choose the Save button.

The next step is to add the new section to the home page. Go to the space settings and choose the Home page option. Select the New section button and then the Matching profiles type. Under Profile heading choose the heading you chose to select from, such as Senior staff, and the right value, such as Yes. You can also give the section a specific name and introduction if you like. Now press Save on the popup dialogue, drag the new section to the position where you want it to appear, and then finally press Save on the form. Going to the home page of the space will now show the chosen set of members.

You may also want additional information from member profiles to appear in the home page section, for example their job titles or phone numbers. You can do this by selecting the Shown in index option for the appropriate profile heading. When this option is set for a profile the value for that heading will appear in the member index itself and in the Matching profiles home page section. Note that this will only appear if the value for that heading has been filled out in the member's profile.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
How to show information from certain member profiles on the space home page.