How do I add some text information to a blog or space home page?

First, in the group go to Settings and choose the Home page option. There are three kinds of home page section that can be used for text information:

  • The About section type shows the longer description of the group, taken from the Description for blog / space home page setting in the General settings category.
  • The Text section type lets you add other text information. This can include HTML styles and even embedded content, so for example you could include a Google Calendar on the home page. You can also choose whether the section gets shown to members, non-members or everyone, so you can target information at different people.
  • The Inline knowledge entry section type lets you embed a knowledge entry in the home page for a space. You will be able to search for the entry you require and then choose it from the list of matches. This section type can be useful if you want to include information that you want to have version controlled or you want to allow people other than the group administrators to be able to edit it.

Once you have entered the necessary information for the section, select Save in the dialog. You can then reposition the section to its desired location by dragging it. Once you are happy, select Save to make the changes.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .