How do I add an RSS feed in a collaboration space?

Collaboration spaces are able to subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds. This can be useful to keep people up-to-date with outside news or with information from other systems in an organisation, for example an intranet. You will find items from feeds in the Sources section of a space. The space home page and newsletters can also be configured to include them.

To add a new feed source, in the space go to Settings, choose the Sources option and then select the New button. Many sites have automatic discovery of feeds on their home pages, so entering the home page URL will often find the feed required and update the field on the form to its URL. If automatic discovery does not work then you will instead need to enter the URL of the feed directly. Jiglu supports feeds in the RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 formats. If the feed requires you to use authentication then the form will display a section where you can enter the username and password. When you have finished select the Save button.

Once you have added a feed you can see information about the last download by selecting the dropdown next to its name in the index and choosing the Download status option. If there is only certain information that is of interest from it then you can filter out what you don't want by using the Filter option from the dropdown.

You can edit a source by selecting its name in the Sources index. This will allow you to change its name, URL, authentication and whether or not you want to use tags supplied by the source.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .