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Published: April 2022

How can I import and export tags

Export tags To export tags, go to the Tags tab in a blog, monitor or space and in the sidebar choose the Export tags action.

Published: November 2021

How do I customise the look of a blog or space?

For example, in a space you might want to include a section that lists knowledge entries with a particular tag, perhaps identifying those entries that are the most useful to new users, or add a section that gives extra information to non-members about how they can qualify to join the group.

Published: September 2020

How do I disable certain sections of a space?

You can disable the Discovery section by removing the view permission for a tag.

Published: August 2019

Jiglu monitor administration quickstart

Sometimes these tags may not be useful, perhaps overwhelming the tags in the monitor due to their quantity or causing problems because their quality is not good.

Published: December 2018

How do I merge two tags?

Once you have chosen, the two tags will be merged and you can then edit the combined tag further if required.

Published: October 2018

Jiglu blog administration quickstart

In a blog, comments, tags and members all use workflow.

Published: July 2018

Jiglu space administration quickstart

The easiest way of doing this is to create knowledge entries for them and then tag them with a particular tag, for example ‘Key information’.

Published: September 2017

How do I add an RSS feed in a collaboration space?

This will allow you to change its name, URL, authentication and whether or not you want to use tags supplied by the source.