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Published: December 2021

How can I highlight an answer to a question in a thread?

When viewing discussion threads or messages on index pages, a tick icon will be shown alongside the subject to let you know that the thread contains an accepted answer or a message is an answer.

Published: February 2021

How can I set a retention policy for discussion messages or instant messages?

Note that both these settings will only delete threads of instant messages and discussion threads that haven't had new messages added to them for the number of days specified as the age.

Published: September 2020

How can I automatically close discussion threads after a period of time?

Some group administrators prefer that rather than reusing old discussion threads from a long time ago, members should start a new one if a topic of discussion arises afresh.

How can I have contributions moderated but only for new members?

In a space you can configure this for discussion messages, discussion threads, polls and knowledge entries by going to the appropriate workflow category for each of those types.

How do I have moderate contributions in a space from only certain members?

This controls what happens when the system receives a message that is not part of an existing discussion thread.

Published: December 2018

How do I manage discussion threads when people have gone off-topic or started a new thread on the same subject?

To merge two threads, on the thread index page select the dropdown menu next to the name of the first thread and choose the Mark for merging option.

Published: July 2018

Jiglu space administration quickstart

In a space, discussion messages, discussion threads, polls, knowledge entries, tags and members all use workflow.