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Published: October 2023

Jiglu system configuration checklist

The user will need to have already confirmed they have access to that email address by responding to a message sent to it. ▢ Yes Go to the User workflow settings category and for the Pre-approved domains setting enter a comma-separated list of the domain names. ▢ No Go to the User workflow settings category and make sure the Pre-approved domains setting is empty.

Published: November 2019

When I send someone an invitation what approval is needed?

If the email address they registered with ends in one of the domains in the Pre-approved domains user workflow setting then they will not need approval by a user administrator.

Published: September 2017

How do I new users approved by an administrator but skip the approval for certain domains?

In the Pre-approved domains setting you can list all the domains for which users will automatically be approved.

How do I allow users to invite other users to join?

New users may optionally always require approval by an administrator or can be set to require approval if they are not from a list of pre-approved domains.