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Published: April 2022

Jiglu system quickstart

Searching You can search through all the content of the groups that you have permission to view by entering a search phrase in the search box on the radar home page.

Published: March 2020

How can I merge two knowledge entries

You now need to search for the entry that you want to merge into.

Published: February 2020

Jiglu spaces quickstart

You can also search messages for those containing particular words, published in a particular time period or written by a particular user.

Published: February 2019

Tagging quickstart

You can also search for tags that start with a particular character or word by entering them in the search box.

Published: October 2018

Jiglu blogs quickstart

You can also search for members in a variety of different ways, including their name and when

Published: December 2017

How do I search in a group?

If you want to search all the content available to you in a group then there are two choices: On the group home page enter the words you want to search for in the search box on the right of the navigation bar.