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Published: October 2023

Jiglu system configuration checklist

It should be used in conjunction with the Jiglu System Assets Checklist, which covers the images, legal policies and other assets that you will need to gather when setting up a new system.

Jiglu system assets checklist

This could be used to give information about policy changes.

Published: April 2022

How do I customise the look of my Jiglu site?

Go to System settings and choose the System policies option and you will be able to enter these terms.

System administration quickstart

You can do this by going to the System policies settings page.

Published: February 2021

How can I limit who can use private feeds?

Sometimes you may want to restrict such access, for example if your organisation has a policy that requires mandatory two-factor authentication for ordinary users, which will not work with feeds.

Published: March 2020

How can I stop people from using the system outside office hours?

If you're worried about use of Jiglu outside of times when it is being monitored or you have a policy the prohibits use outside office hours then you can configure Jiglu to prevent user access at these times.