How can I stop people from using the system outside office hours?

If you're worried about use of Jiglu outside of times when it is being monitored or you have a policy the prohibits use outside office hours then you can configure Jiglu to prevent user access at these times.

You can choose what times you want the system to be available by going to system settings and choosing the User limits You can select what start time and end time you want to have the system available each day and whether access is permitted at weekends. If you want to allow 24 hour access then simply make the start time and end time both midnight. Note that the times shown and the access allowed will be in whatever time zone you have chosen for the system.

If you want to allow some users access outside of the availability times then you can choose a role which will allow users with that role to override the restriction. Note that users with the System administrator role will always have access to the system at any time.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
Putting restrictions on access at times when the system is not being actively monitored.