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Published: November 2021

Jiglu system quickstart

Getting started with using the Jiglu system.

Published: February 2021

In my Radar activity stream how do I only show the groups I am most interested in?

Configuring what to show in your Radar activity stream.

Published: November 2020

How can I get an RSS or Atom feed from a private group?

How to set up a separate password for use with feeds.

Published: February 2019

Tagging quickstart

How to work with tagging in all the different kinds of Jiglu groups.

Published: December 2018

What are mentions and how do I use them?

Bringing other users into discussions or referencing them using @username mentions.

Published: October 2018

Jiglu Radar quickstart

Getting started with using the Jiglu Radar.

Published: September 2018

What is the Radar?

Jiglu's Radar is your personal home page in the system, bringing together all the information you need for your most common interactions with the system.

Published: December 2017

What is the difference between viewing in the Radar and visiting a group?

The differences between Jiglu's Radar and the individual pages in a blog, space or monitor.