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Published: October 2019

Tomcat installation

Installing and configuring the Tomcat web container.

Published: September 2019

Installing Jiglu on Amazon Web Services

Getting started with Jiglu on Amazon Web Services.

Starting Jiglu for the first time

Starting the Jiglu system for the first time

Jiglu server installation

Installing and configuring the Jiglu server.

Configuring Apache

How to configure Apache as an accelerating reverse proxy for Jiglu.

Published: January 2018

Upgrading Jiglu

How to upgrade Jiglu for a new version and the additional tasks that you may need to carry out.

Published: September 2017


Where to find logging from Jiglu.

Accessing Jiglu for the first time

How to log on to Jiglu and create the first user account.

Getting started

The steps needed to install Jiglu and its prerequisites.

Published: August 2017

Pre-installation checklist

What needs to be considered and set up prior to Jiglu installation.