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Sendmail configuration

In OpenSuse the former directory will be used, in Amazon Linux, Fedora and Redhat the latter will be used.

Pre-installation checklist

Servers Operating system ▢ OpenSuse 15.5 ▢ Amazon Linux 2 / 2023 ▢ Fedora 33 The product is tested on OpenSuse 15.5 but will run on most modern Linux versions supporting systemd.

Configuring Apache

Automatic starting To enable Apache to start when the server is booted, on OpenSuse use: systemctl enable apache2 systemctl start apache2 On Amazon Linux, Fedora or Redhat use: systemctl enable httpd systemctl start httpd

PostgreSQL installation

On OpenSuse this will be done when the service is first started and until then no configuration files will exist.

Java installation

On OpenSuse use: zypper install java-17-openjdk java-17-openjdk-headless On Amazon Linux, Fedora or Redhat instead use: yum install java-17-amazon-corretto java-17-amazon-corretto-headless If Java was already installed you may need to check the correct JRE is set as the default: update-alternatives --config java

Jiglu installation directories

/usr/share/sendmail/mailer Sendmail mailer configuration files for OpenSuse.