Jiglu installation directories

The following directories and files are installed by the system. Note that this list includes files from both the server and webapp RPMs.


Configuration files.


Jiglu server configuration for the default instance.


Local scoring of entities used when creating automatic tags from content.


Patterns used in detecting signatures in email content.


The initial generated passwords for the superuser account and system administrator secondary password.


Main installation directory.


Contains information on the product version number and supported platforms.


Binaries that can be run by administrators.


Database scripts.


Shipped templates for spaces.


System files and non-variable data.


Licences for third-party components that are used by the system.


Binaries that can be run by the system.


The web application.


Jiglu unit file for systemd.


Jiglu unit file template for systemd additional instances.


Sendmail mailer configuration files for OpenSuse.


Sendmail mailer configuration files for Fedora and Amazon Linux.


Log files.


Data created by the system.


Text search indexes.


Process ID files.


Incoming mail directory.

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The directories and files installed by the system.