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Jiglu installation directories

The directories and files installed by the system.

Configuring Apache

How to configure Apache as an accelerating reverse proxy for Jiglu.

How do I configure DKIM signing?

Everything you need to know to configure Jiglu to sign messages with DKIM.

PostgreSQL installation

Installing and configuring PostgreSQL for use with Jiglu.

Configuring Jiglu to use Amazon Simple Email Service

How to use Amazon SES for incoming messages.

Tomcat installation

Installing and configuring the Tomcat web container.

Jiglu server installation

Installing and configuring the Jiglu server.

Sendmail configuration

How to integrate Jiglu with the sendmail MTA.

LDAP integration

How to configure Jiglu to use LDAP for authentication.

Installing Jiglu on Amazon Web Services

Getting started with Jiglu on Amazon Web Services.

Accessing Jiglu for the first time

How to log on to Jiglu and create the first user account.

Getting started

The steps needed to install Jiglu and its prerequisites.