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Sendmail configuration

Install sendmail if needed Sendmail may not be the default MTA on some Linux distributions.

Pre-installation checklist

Servers Operating system ▢ OpenSuse 15.2 ▢ Amazon Linux 2 ▢ Fedora 33 ▢ Windows Server 2019 The product is tested on OpenSuse 15.2 but will run on most modern Linux versions.

Java installation

Either OpenJDK or the Oracle JRE will work fine depending on your preference, though OpenJDK will already come with most Linux distributions.

Getting started

To install Jiglu on Linux, first understand how it fits into other systems and what you need to get going: Server architecture Email integration Pre-installation checklist Next, install the prerequisites: PostgreSQL installation Java installation Tomcat installation Configuring Apache Then install and configure Jiglu: Jiglu server installation Sendmail configuration PostgreSQL database creation Finally start and use the application: Starting Jiglu for the first time Accessing Jiglu for the first time

PostgreSQL installation

On OpenSuse 15.2 to install PostgreSQL 12 use: zypper install postgresql12 postgresql12-server postgresql12-contrib On Amazon Linux 2 to install PostgreSQL 10 use: amazon-linux-extras install postgresql10 Shared memory Most Linux distributions will come with shared memory already suitably configured for running PostgreSQL.